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Has your child been the victim of abuse, sexual abuse, molestation, or neglect caused by someone such as a teacher, priest, doctor, daycare worker or coach? Has your child been the victim of an auto accident, playground accident or sports injury? Have they been injured in any other way due to the negligence of another? If so you need the help of our experienced child injury attorneys and child accident attorneys. They possess many years experience representing abused, molested and injured children across the country.

Do not face a parents worst nightmare alone. Our child injury attorneys and child sexual abuse injury lawyers offer free consultations. In addition, they charge nothing in the way of legal fees if they do not recover on your behalf. The child sex abuse attorneys on our team serve abused, injured and molested children all over the entire country including, but not limited to, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Ohio and Georgia.

Child Injury Attorneys Protecting Abused, Hurt & Injured Children

Our Boston, Massachusetts child injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of children who have neglected, abused, or molested. This involves pursuing the assailant as well as businesses, entities and organizations that have failed to protect these children while under their care. It is by no means unusual to see someone who has admitted to these crimes still allowed to work in positions that give him or her access to minors. This may include coaching, teaching, tutoring or volunteering for an organization that serves minors, youth & juveniles. Our Los Angeles,California child abuse injury attorneys believe the organizations who allow this behavior should be held responsible, and that the continued employment of admitted offenders only offers the opportunity for more victims to be abused. The effects of neglect, abuse, and molestation are long lasting. Often, the minor victim suffers with the abuse for months or years only to spend decades trying to overcome the physical and emotional scars. Giving these young people a voice, finding justice for them and, ensuring they get the best care and support possible are key in helping them overcome the devastating effects.In many cases, these young victims and their families feel that even the criminal justice system is failing them. One way to overcome this is by enlisting the help of our Minneapolis, Minnesota child injury attorneys as they are experienced in working with minors who have survived this type of abuse. Our Miami, Florida child injury attorneys who has experience handling child sexual abuse cases can help your family obtain redress from the abusers and those who allowed the abuse to take place through civil suits. While seeking legal recourse will not undo the damage done by neglect, abuse, or molestation, it can pay for therapy and other services that aid in their recovery.

Injuries Suffered In Child Abuse, Sex Abuse and Injury Cases

In many cases of child sexual assault, even if the assault was committed by another child, is guilt and shame. These feelings can be internalized and the child will come up with some sort of way to cope with them and these defense mechanisms are rarely positive. And the emotional suffering that goes along with these feelings will haunt a child, and their relationships, well into adulthood. There is no amount of money that will make this go away but that is not to say you should not retain  our Atlanta, Georgia child injury attorneys and Rockville, Maryland child sex abuse lawyers.

In addition to mental injuries and emotional injuries there are also physical injuries that are common in all types of child injury cases. These can include fractured pelvis, genital injuries, whiplash, genital mutilation, the victim cutting themselves, hymen laceration, anal tearing and bleeding, broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, soft tissue injuries, bruising, edema, burns, eye injuries, ear injuries and nose injuries.

These injuries, and others, may entitle you and your child to medical benefits, therapy benefits and financial compensation according to personal injury laws in the state where they accident, assault, abuse or molestation occurred. Contacting our Manhattan, NY child injury attorneys behooves you as they will fight to get you the benefits and maximum compensation for your injuries, medical costs, therapy costs, emotional suffering and, in some cases, death and funeral benefits.

Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits & Criminal Charges

When you suffered the humiliation, shock and pain of sexual abuse or sexual assault, the thought of recovering financial compensation may be the furthest thing from your mind. Often, however, you have a right to obtain restitution for your injuries, both physical and emotional. If you have been the victim of child sexual abuse, assault or exploitation, please reach out to our Santa Ana, CA child sexual abuse attorneys to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Sexual Abuse And Statutes Of Limitations

Time is the biggest enemy when it comes to filing a child sexual abuse, child molestation or child injury claim. As more and more time passes the odds of your case having merit drops. The 2003 Child Protection Act extended the statute of limitations (SOL) allowing increased time for sexual abuse victims to claim civil damages in certain circumstances.

Our team of Minneapolis, Minnesota child injury attorneys on recovering financial compensation for sex abuse victims, including those who have been subjected to sexual exploitation or sexual assault. The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania child injury attorneys on our team have never defended those accused of violating sex crime laws. They limit their representation in sex crime cases to sexual abuse victims and helps victims obtain compensation for all physical and emotional injuries.

With their years of experience representing sex crime victims across the country, our Chicago, Illinois child sex abuse attorneys know that unlawful sex acts involving children take place in many ways and in a variety of settings such as school, sports, youth organizations, at church, in hospitals, hotels, parking lots, mental institutions, & college and university dorms. Child sexual predators, which include rapists, child molesters and those who violate a child sexually can be anyone. They range from strangers, acquaintances, family members or persons in helping professions, such as counselors, teachers, teacher assistants, baseball coach, softball coach, basketball coach, football coach, martial arts instructors, music teachers, priests, pastors or residence hall assistants

Typically child sex abuse victims do not report the crime of sexual abuse and assault or sexual exploitation due to overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, etc. For many of the same reasons, sex abuse victims are often reluctant to contact a Philadelphia Pennsylvania child molestation attorney serving the entire country. Our Saint Louis, Missouri child injury attorneys comprehend the stigma that comes with sexual exploitation and provides an understanding ear regarding your case and what you are enduring.

Age Of Consent & Teacher Child Sex Abuse Cases

Is it okay for teachers to have sexual relations with a student who are 18-years- old? Some people may say that such behavior is appropriate since the student is technically considered an adult. However, most state laws prohibit any sexual relations between teachers and students regardless of age. For example, Amy McElhenney was arrested in 2006 for allegedly having sex with on of her students while teaching in Texas. Under Texas law, teachers who have sex with their students can face up to 20 years in prison upon conviction. The student Ms. McElhenney had intercourse with was 18-years- old. Under Texas law previously, the sexual relations restriction was limited to students 17-years- old or younger; however, under new legislation, the age restriction was removed thus making any sexual relations with students unlawful.

Unlike Texas, the state of Massachusetts does not prohibit teachers from engaging in consensual sexual relations with students who are 16-years- old or older. The legal age of consent in Massachusetts is 16-years- old. This allows teachers to engage in sexual intercourse with students so long as the student consents and are 16-years- old or older. Parents and lawmakers want to revise the age of consent as it pertains to teacher-student sexual relations. As of 2017, a new bill in Massachusetts was proposed to revise the age of consent laws.

As illustrated above, the student’s age can have an impact on whether a teacher can be criminally prosecuted for engaging in sexual activities with the student. The age of sexual consent varies among each state. Some states allow minors who are 16-years- old to lawfully engage in sexual intercourse with older adults. States like California only allow adults (people aged 18-years- old or older) to engage in sexual intercourse with each other. In addition, some state laws specifically restrict teachers from having sexual intercourse with students regardless of the student’s age.

Contact an attorney if you are facing statutory rape charges. Teachers can face stiff penalties and fines if convicted of sexually assaulting or raping a student. The court may sentence the teacher to serve time and prison and register as a sex offender. Most teachers have to change careers for even being charged with a sexual offense against a student.

Consult with Las Vegas, Nevada child sex abuse injury attorneys attorney today to find out what legal rights your child has if they have been the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher. engaging in sexual activities with your students. Obtaining legal representation will help protect your best interests. In most cases the family or parents of the injured child the school district or child’s parents can file a civil lawsuit against the teacher, school and school district. The criminal case outcome could potentially impact any subsequent civil matters. Work with an experienced Annapolis Maryland sex abuse injury attorney to protect your child’s rights. Do not accept a low ball offer from the school district or their insurance company.

Child Abuse, Neglect, Sexual Abuse & Injury Statistics

Child abuse of all types is almost an epidemic in the United States of America. According to over 3,000,000 reports of child abuse are filed annually in the United States. And this is only the number of cases that find their way into the hands of law enforcement.

Studies conducted by outline the following statistics regarding child sex abuse in the United States:

The prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to determine because many case of sexual abuse and molestation go reported; experts agree that the incidence is far greater than what is reported to authorities. CSA is also not uniformly defined, so statistics may vary. Statistics below represent some of the research done on child sexual abuse.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau report Child Maltreatment 2010 found that 9.2% of victimized children were sexually assaulted.

Studies by the Crimes Against Children Research Center, show that:

  • 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse;
  • Self-report studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall a childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incident;
  • During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
  • Over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized;
  • Children are most vulnerable to CSA between the ages of 7 and 13.

According to a 2003 National Institute of Justice report, 3 out of 4 adolescents who have been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well.

A Bureau of Justice Statistics report shows 1.6 % (sixteen out of one thousand) of children between the ages of 12-17 were victims of rape/sexual assault.

A study conducted in 1986 found that 63% of women who had suffered sexual abuse by a family member also reported a rape or attempted rape after the age of 14. Recent studies in 2000, 2002, and 2005 have all concluded similar results.

Children who had an experience of rape or attempted rape in their adolescent years were 13.7 times more likely to experience rape or attempted rape in their first year of college.

A child who is the victim of prolonged sexual abuse usually develops low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or distorted view of sex. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults, and can become suicidal.

Children who do not live with both parents as well as children living in homes marked by parental discord, divorce, or domestic violence, have a higher risk of being sexually abused.

In the vast majority of cases where there is credible evidence that a child has been penetrated, only between 5 and 15% of those children will have genital injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse is not solely restricted to physical contact; such abuse could include non-contact abuse, such as exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography.

Compared to those with no history of sexual abuse, young males who were sexually abused were five times more likely to cause teen pregnancy, three times more likely to have multiple sexual partners and two times more likely to have unprotected sex, according to the study published online and in the June print issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.

While it would be nice to believe abuse or molestation against a minor victim is rare, Estimates by the organization National Action Against Rape (NAAR) show that this isn’t the case. In fact, the organization believes that the number may be as high as one out of every three adults suffered some form of abuse during childhood. In the great majority of cases, this abuse occurred at the hands of an adult — a family member, child care worker, youth leader, teacher, coach or clergy member — that the child knew and should have been able to trust.

Where Abusers Find Their Victims

In child abuse, child molestation, child sexual abuse and child sexual assault case many abusers meet their victims in places where the young victims should feel safe. In many cases, the perpetrators are adults who have earned their trust because of their positions within these organizations.

One of the most common places minors are abused is within their own homes, or at the home of a relative. Home is the most common place for physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect, and many young victims are molested by trusted adults or teens in their homes as well. It is important to remember, however, that molestation can occur anywhere.

Children, which means anyone under the age of 18, spend a lot of their waking hours in school whether that involves the normal school day, extracurricular activities or sporting events. With that it is no surprise that someone hoping to victimize a minor would seek work at a school. Victims may be subject to teasing, sexual harassment or molestation by a faculty member, school staff and even other students.

Victims may also meet their abusers during after school programs, including daycare centers, scouts, YMCA/YWCA programs and other activities. If the employees working with minors in this program were not properly screened or if there is an attempt to cover up any reported instances of abuse, these organizations may also be at fault.

Similarly, abusers may meet their young victims by volunteering or working for companies that offer extracurricular activities to minors. This often includes youth sports. In most cases, young people learn skills, get exercise and have fun playing on a sports team. When a coach or other adult uses this relationship to molest or otherwise abuse them, the negative effects can be lifelong, however.

Abuse, especially molestation, by clergy members gets a lot of media attention. The sad truth is that it is not only Catholic priests who use their trusted positions within their religious organization to abuse their youngest parishioners. As has been widely covered on the news, many of the churches where these offenses have taken place have denied that their leaders had any involvement, and these men and women were allowed to continue working with young people. This means these organizations are contributing to the abuse, and should also be held accountable.

Modern technology also allows strangers into almost every home in the United States, thanks to the Internet. Even if the victim and the perpetrator have never met in person, exposure to cyber stalking, sexual harassment, or a cyber bully all have a profound impact on the lives of young victims. Abusers often take this a step further, attempting to lure the minor into participating in unwanted activity or going as far as child trafficking.

Those under the age of 18 rely on adults to protect their health and safety, and to fight for their rights to live a life free of abuse and torture. For this reason, some personal injury attorneys specialize in filing suits against abusers and the organizations who cover up their behavior. Our Dallas, Texas child injury attorneys will do everything necessary to hold all who abuse or molest minors accountable for the crimes they have committed against innocent children.

Our Manhattan, New York child injury attorneys has experience advocating on behalf of young victims of molestation and abuse. In addition, they are well-versed experts in all areas of child abuse, child sexual abuse including molestation, child neglect, foster care abuse and child personal injury claims. They are aware of how delicate these situations need to be handled and are compassionate and understanding. Furthermore, in an effort to obtain the best possible outcome for your child our Chicago, Illinois child injury attorneys are aggressive and experienced enough to fight for the rights of your most prized possession, your child or children.

Recovering from victimization of this type is a long and difficult road for these young people and their families, but compensation for the emotional, mental and physical injuries sustained can help to pay for counseling and other resources that may speed recovery.

Our Detroit, Michigan child accident lawyers handle child injury claims throughout the entire country. Washington DC & Puerto Rico. In addition to abuse and molestation cases involving minors, other areas of law our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania child injury attorneys handle include:

These are just some of the types of child injury claims our Baltimore, Maryland child injury attorneys handle. Please contact our Columbus, Ohio child injury attorneys no matter how your child was injured, harmed, traumatized or killed. You are not alone in this and may be entitled to benefits and compensation.

Recent Child Product Recalls

Child Car Accident Lawyers

Has your child been the victim of a car accident, motorcycle accident or trucking accident? If so, you need skilled legal representation provided by our Memphis, Tennessee child injury attorneys that represents people throughout the state you were injured in. Our legal team, made up of experienced auto accident lawyers from around the country, help people who have been injured in serious car, truck & motorcycle accidents caused by negligent or inattentive drivers. Our El Paso,Texas child auto accident attorneys will thoroughly examine your case and seek full, fair & just compensation for your pain &suffering,lost wages and medical expenses.

For a free consultation with our skilled and experienced child injury attorneys contact us here. We charge no legal fees if we do not recover for you. Proudly serving accident, injury and wrongful death victims form around the country including California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas.

Experience Makes a Difference

Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania child injury attorneys have been practicing motor tort law in the U.S.A. for many years. They are experienced child injury attorneys and they will take your case to trial should insurance companies not offer you a fair settlement.

Since being licensed to practice law our network of car accident lawyers have helped many accident victims recover damages for their injuries. Our Jacksonville, Florida child car accident attorneys examine the crash in an effort to determine exactly how the accident occurred and who was at fault. The Wilmington, Delaware child injury attorneys on our team will also extensively review medical reports to understand the extent of your injuries. Using this information our Richmond, Virginia child injury attorneys seek to obtain benefits and compensation for your physical injuries, mental injuries, pain & suffering.

Possible Types of Injuries Sustained in an Auto Accident

  • Fractures
  • Brain Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Neck Injuries/Whiplash
  • Back/Disc Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

Types of Auto Accidents Our Charlotte, NC Child Injury Attorneys Handle

  • Car Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Emergency Service Vehicle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Rear End Collisions
  • Dangerous Intersection Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Drugged Driving Accidents

How Much Is Your Child’s Car Accident Injury Claim Worth

In the unfortunate event you, or a loved one, have been the victim of an auto accident you may have many questions following the accident. One of the more pressing concerns you may have may be what type of compensation are you entitled to as well as what is your injury claim worth financially. Those questions cannot be answered immediately following your car accident, motorcycle accident or trucking accident. There are several reasons why this is and they all benefit you in the long run. Contact our Columbia, South Carolina child injury attorneys for a free case analysis.

Reasons why the value of your car accident claim cannot be immediately determined:

1. It is impossible to evaluate the extent and severity of your injuries immediately after your accident. Typically it is best to allow some time to pass after the accident before you establish the extent and severity of your injuries. The extent and severity of your injuries are directly related to the medical care you may need, recovery time and any loss of wages due to missed work time.

2. In the event that your injuries ultimately result in lost work time it will have to be established when you can go back to work and to what extent you can resume work related duties. Per auto accident statutes in the state you were injured in you may be entitled to lost wage compensation after your car accident.

3. It is also impossible to determine exactly how your life will be impacted after being involved in a serious car accident. You may suffer from permanent impairment, disfigurement and diminished quality of life. This all has to be taken into consideration when evaluating the true and total amount of your car accident liability claim.

4. You may entitled to pain and suffering compensation provided your car accident was not a work related car accident. It takes time to determine how much pain and suffering you may have to endure as a result of your accident.

5. In the tragic event you lost a loved one in the accident you may be entitled to funeral expense compensation. Unfortunately people may sometimes survive for an extended period of time following the accident.

6. If you did suffer the loss of a loved one you may be entitled to death benefits, loss of consortium benefits and medical expense reimbursement prior to their passing. Sadly the person has to pass prior to being able to determine the amount of these benefits.

Ensuring You Receive Maximum Compensation After Your Auto Accident

Following your child’s auto accident it is in your best interest to consult with and ultimately retain our experienced Sacramento, California child injury attorneys. Retaining a skilled Phoenix, Arizona child auto accident attorney will put you and your family at ease as they will fight for your rights and make sure all possible means of compensation are addressed. Also, there is a very good chance you will be approached by the at  fault parties insurance company regarding a quick, lump sum settlement. You may very well be tempted to accept their offer but this is not a wise move on your part. The liable parties insurance carrier has their best interest in mind, not yours or your families. Accepting their settlement may come back to haunt you down the road as many of the benefits discussed above may not be addressed. This could prove to be disastrous for you financially later on. Let our Orlando, Florida child accident lawyers protect your rights so you can focus on recuperating and move on from your tragic accident.

Contact our team of San Antonio,Texas child car accident lawyers via email here. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania child car accident lawyers on our team possess many years experience handling serious auto accident claims. They have an excellent track record of obtaining maximum compensation and benefits for their clients. Our team of New Orleans, Louisiana child injury attorneys will give you, your family and your case the personal attention you deserve. Contact them today to arrange a free consultation.

Often times, people worry that pursuing a lawsuit against an insurance company, manufacturing company for a defective auto part,or seeking compensation for serious injuries too expensive. At our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania child auto accident law firm there is no charge unless we win money on your behalf. Contact our legal team immediately to discuss your auto accident claim with our skilled and knowledgeable Cleveland, Ohio child injury attorneys.

Liability In Child Accident, Injury & Sexual Abuse Cases

In accident, injury and child molestation there can be one or more parties at fault. Liability totally depends on where the accident, injuries or abuse took place. For instance, if a child was molested by a teacher the school and or school district may be liable. If a child was injured in a car accident or trucking accident liability is determined by who caused the accident. In juvenile auto accident claims the driver of the car the child was injured in can be at fault as well as those operating a different vehicle. No matter where your child was injured you need the help of a skilled and experienced child injury attorney.

Benefits Awarded In Child Injury & Sexual Abuse Cases

Crime victim compensation programs across the country offer crucial financial assistance to victims of violence. This overview provides information on how the programs operate and what victims can do to seek help. In addition, our team of Trenton, New Jersey child injury attorneys will identify all liable parties and make them accountable for your child’s injuries, pain & suffering.

Victims of violent crime may suffer financial stress as devastating as their physical injuries and emotional trauma. Recovering from violence or abuse is difficult enough without having to worry about how to pay for the costs of medical care and counseling, or about how to replace lost income due to disability or death.

Each state has a crime victim compensation program that can provide substantial financial assistance to crime victims and their families. And while no amount of money can erase the trauma and grief victims suffer, this aid can be crucial in the aftermath of crime. By paying for care that helps restore victims’ physical and mental health, and by replacing lost income for victims who cannot work and for families who lose a breadwinner, compensation programs are assisting victims in direct ways.

Compensation programs are now serving an ever-increasing number of victims with larger amounts of benefits than ever before. Despite a substantial decline in violent crime (there are a third fewer crimes committed each year now, compared to 1993) applications and payouts continue to grow in most states. The national total of benefits is at record-high levels, and programs are adding new compensable costs and expanding outreach to ensure that more victims’ needs are met. In addition to these programs many child injury victims and child sexual abuse victims can be awarded benefits, damages and compensation via filing a personal injury lawsuit against any and all liable parties such as schools, churches, school districts, sports teams, etc. Our Bridgeport, Connecticut child injury attorneys will file the claim on your behalf and make sure you obtain any and all benefits from all liable parties.

Crime victim compensation was the first type of organized victim assistance in the United States. The earliest compensation program was created in 1965 in California, and nine states were operating such programs by 1972, when the earliest programs providing other types of direct victim assistance were established. Today, compensation programs across the country are paying out close to $500 million annually to more than 200,000 victims. Fittingly, most of this money comes from offenders rather than tax dollars, since a large majority of states fund their programs entirely through fees and fines charged against those convicted of crime. Federal grants to compensation programs, providing about 35% of the money for payments to victims, also come solely from offender fines and assessments.

Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, drunk driving, and domestic violence, as well as the families of homicide victims, are all eligible to apply for financial help.  Statistics show that victims of assault comprise about half of the claimants for compensation, with more than a third of those claims being paid to domestic violence victims.  Child sexual abuse victims comprise 29% of the victims helped by compensation programs.  About 10% of benefits overall are paid to families of homicide victims, and 8% goes toward sexual assault victims.

Compensation programs can pay for a wide variety of expenses and losses related to criminal injury and homicide. Beyond medical care, mental health treatment, funerals, and lost wages, a number of programs also cover crime-scene cleanup, travel costs to receive treatment, moving expenses, and the cost of housekeeping and child care if a victim is unable to perform those tasks. And states continue to work with victims and advocates to find new ways to help victims with more of the costs of recovery.

While each state operates under its own law, all compensation programs have the same basic criteria to determine eligibility for benefits.  It is very important, however, to check with the individual state to see exactly what its requirements are. Typically, the victim must (a) report the crime promptly to law enforcement, and cooperate with police and prosecutors (many states allow exceptions to this requirement, particularly for child victims); (b) submit a timely victim compensation application (again, some exceptions may be possible); (c) have a cost or loss not covered by insurance or another government benefit program (victim compensation programs pay only after other collateral sources are used); and (d) not have committed a criminal act or some substantially wrongful act that caused or contributed to the crime (the eligibility of family members generally depends on the behavior of the victim when programs assess this requirement).  Apprehension or conviction of the offender is not required.

Maximum benefits available from the states average $25,000, with some states able to offer more, and some states having lower limits.  Lower caps within the maximum are common for some types of benefits, like funeral and burial costs, mental health counseling, or lost wages. HOWEVER THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CHILD INJURY LAWYERS FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE PERSON, PEOPLE OR ENTITY THAT IS LIABLE FOR YOUR CHILD’S INJURIES, MEDICAL EXPENSES, THERAPY, PAIN & SUFFERING

Telling victims about compensation is the responsibility of every individual who works in victim services and law enforcement. This resource also should be made known by those who provide medical and counseling services. Compensation programs depend largely on these professionals who work with victims daily to get the message out that financial assistance is available, and programs typically expend a great deal of time and effort in providing training and information to them. We encourage everyone with a role in helping victims to get more details from the program in their state by contacting it directly.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws

Being the victim of child abuse, sexual abuse, molestation and neglect have a significant negative impact on the lives of the victims, their families & loved ones. Therefore, all states have set in place variations of mandatory reporting laws in order to decrease and prevent these incidents from occurring. These laws help ensure that cases of child abuse are reported to the proper authorities.

What Are Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws?

Mandatory reporting laws vary by state when it comes to child abuse – which includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. However, it’s important to remember that many of these laws also cover child neglect. In some states, these laws require that people in certain professions report child abuse and neglect to a proper authority, such as a law enforcement agency or child protective services. In other states, the mandatory reporting laws require that any person who suspects child abuse or neglect report any such instance.

Who Is Required to Report Abuse?

According to information provided to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), there are 48 states that have mandatory reporting laws that require designated professionals to report child abuse and neglect. These individuals are usually people who have frequent contact with children because of their occupation. The following is a sampling of mandatory reporters according to state:

  • In California – Teachers, teacher’s aides, employees of day camps and youth centers, social workers, physicians, and clergy members.
  • In New York – Physicians, dentists, licensed therapists, school officials, peace officers, and district attorneys.
  • In Texas – any professionals who are licensed by the state or are employees of facilities licensed by the state and have direct contact with children, like teachers, nurses, doctors and juvenile probation officers.

Many other states have institutional reporting laws. These laws refer to individuals who work or volunteer for mandated reporters and who during their time of employment, gain knowledge of anything that may lead him or her to suspect abuse. In these situations, some states require that the staff member alert the head of the institution when he or she believes that an appropriate agency should be notified. Similarly, many states do not differentiate between professionals or institutions and require that anyone who has a suspicion of child abuse or neglect must report it.

To view a more general list and determine whether you may be a mandatory reporter, refer to this checklist.

What Should Mandatory Reporters Do?

Situations in which mandatory reporters must report vary depending on the state. However, according to the HHS, there are typically two standards as to when a report should be made:

  • When the reporter has reason to believe or suspects that a child has been abused or neglected.
  • When the reporter sees a child being subjected to harm or knows of conditions that would reasonably result in harm to the child.

Reporters shouldn’t be concerned about their identity being disclosed to the alleged perpetrator in a majority of states. However, many states do require the mandatory reporter to provide his or her name and contact information as part of the initial report. This information may be published to government officials who will be conducting an investigation.

Contact Our Child Injury Attorneys Immediately

For a free consultation please do not hesitate to connect with our team of San Diego, California child injury attorneys no matter what state your child was injured in. They offer free consultations and charge zero legal fees if they do not recover for you.

 No matter what state your child was injured in our Hartford, Connecticut child injury attorneys can help as they serve all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. including: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin.