washington dc child injury lawyersHas your child, or children, been injured, abused, molested or otherwise harmed at the hands of another in the state of Washington? If so, please do not wait to contact our team of Washington DC child injury lawyers.

They defend the rights of abused and injured children throughout all of Washington DC including Rockville, Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, Fairfax, Vienna, Arlington, McLean, Leesburg & Charleston, WV. 

They handle child injury claims caused by:


Sexual abuse

Child molestation

Foster care abuse/neglect

Auto accidents

Playground accidents

Personal injury

Medical malpractice

Birth injuries

Daycare accidents


Swimming pool accidents


Wrongful death

Do not go through this alone and do not let your child go through this alone. Our Washington DC child sexual abuse attorneys do everything in their power to protect the rights of abused children and get them the benefits and compensation they deserve so they can move on from the tragic abuse they have endured.

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The Washington DC child injury lawyers on our team serve the entire country including Baltimore, Annapolis, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Houston, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Nashville & Memphis.