If your child, or children, have been injured, abused, molested or otherwise harmed at the hands of another in the United Kingdom they, and you, have rights and they need to be protected? This can only be done with the help of our London England child injury solicitors handling child abuse, molestation and child injury claims. By no means should you wait to contact our skilled London England child injury solicitors for a free consultation. They proudly serve injured children throughout all of the United Kingdom including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Official statistics, published annually, show the amount of child sexual abuse recorded by authorities in the year. The problem is much bigger than shown in official statistics, as most crimes are not disclosed and/or reported. Most sexual abuse isn’t reported, detected or prosecuted. Most children don’t tell anyone that they’re being sexually abused. It’s a crime that is usually only witnessed by the abuser and the victim.
Over 90% of sexually abused children were abused by someone they knew
Over 3,000 children were identified as needing protection from sexual abuse last year
13% of contacts to the NSPCC’s helpline last year were concerns about sexual abuse
The NSPCC helpline responded to nearly 7,000 contacts about sexual abuse last year
There were over 10,000 counselling sessions with children and young people who talked to Childline in 2015/16 about sexual abuse
Disabled children are over 3 times more likely to be abused than non-disabled children
There were over 3,700 counselling sessions with young people who talked to Childline last year about online sexual abuse.
Over 47,000 sexual offencesagainst children were recorded in the UK last year
Child sexual abuse costs the UK £3.2bn a year
Nearly 30,000 registered offendershave been convicted of offences against children.

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They handle child abuse, child accident, child injury and child wrongful death claims caused by: Abuse Sexual abuse Child molestation Foster care abuse/neglect Auto accidents Playground accidents Daycare accidents Assaults Swimming pool accidents Bullying Wrongful death Do not go through this alone and do not let your child go through this alone. Our London England child injury solicitors and Scotland child sexual abuse solicitors do everything in their power to protect the rights of abused children and get them the benefits and compensation they deserve so they can move on from the tragic abuse they have endured. The London England child injury solicitors on our team serve abused, injured and neglected children throughout the entire United Kingdom including London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.