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The Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, has launched an investigation into the Catholic church and many dioceses in the state of Missouri. There are allegations of cover ups and moving Catholic priests to other churches in an attempt to hide charges of child sexual abuse, child sexual assault, child molestation and child rape. Many of these cases are male priests sexually abusing and molesting children. In the unfortunate event that you, or your child, has been the victim of child sexual abuse in Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, Joplin or anywhere in Missouri you need the help our St. Louis child sex abuse injury attorneys. Please click here to contact our team of St. Louis child sex abuse injury attorneys. They help victims of child sexual abuse and child molestation in all of Missouri. Call today for a free consultation. They charge no legal fees unless they recover for you.

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The highly trained and skilled Missouri child injury attorneys handle all types of child accident, injury and abuse claims. Call them now if you need: St. Louis Child Sex Abuse Injury Attorneys Saint Louis, MO child injury attorneys Child accident lawyers St. Louis, Missouri Victims of Catholic Priest sexual abuse in St. Louis, MO St. Louis child molestation injury lawyers Reach out to our St. Louis child molestation injury lawyers no matter how your child was abused or injured. They are here to help. What Benefits Are Child Sex Abuse Victims Entitled To In MO They will review all aspects of your child’s case and calculate the exact dollar amount of their claim. This will include current and future medical expenses, therapy and medication costs, counseling and pain and suffering compensation.

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The team of St. Louis child sex abuse injury attorneys will aggressively defend your child’s rights and get them the benefits and financial compensation they deserve. They offer free consults and charge no fees if they do not recover for your child. The team of St. Louis child sex abuse injury attorneys we have assembled serve the entire state of Missouri. This includes all 114 counties and all cities such as: St. Louis, Kansas City, Joplin, Branson, Springfield, Independence. Lee’s Summit, Columbia, O’Fallon, St. Joseph, St. Charles and Blue Springs, MO.