Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyer in Orange County, CA

As the name indicates, shaken baby syndrome occurs when a baby’s brain makes hard and repeated impact with the inside of the skull when a baby is being shaken, resulting in severe and sometimes permanent brain damage. The most severe shaken baby incidents result in brain damage severe enough to kill the child. There is no other known cause for these types of injuries other than the baby being violently shaken by another person.Our child abuse injury lawyers aggressively pursue full compensation for children who have suffered a severe shaken baby injury. We investigate the case to determine how the injury occurred and who caused it. Our shaken baby syndrome injury lawyers work to ensure that the responsible parties are held fully accountable for your child’s injuries and that appropriate steps are taken to minimize the chance of other babies being victimized in the same way.

Aggressive Representation For Lawsuits Involving Shaken Baby Injuries In Irvine

The injuries suffered in shaken baby incidents can impact the victim for life. When you hire our firm, we pursue full compensation for your child’s current and future medical care, attendant care, special education needs and any other considerations appropriate to your child’s case. We work with child development specialists, medical experts and others to ensure that all of your child’s potential needs are addressed. Over the years our team of child injury lawyers has handled countless child wrongful death cases. Some of the more common liable parties are:
  1. Day care providers and their employees
  2. Foster parents and the agencies that place children in their homes
  3. In-house corporate child care facilities
  4. School districts, teachers and other school personnel
  5. Hospitals and their employees
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