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If your child or loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse in a religious order, the Los Angeles sexual abuse attorneys at our firm, can provide aggressive representation that is discreet, confidential and committed to making things right. When the priest or clergy member you trusted has had inappropriate relations with a minor, contact us and we will work to hold him or her accountable.

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When religious organizations such as the Catholic Church, Synagogue or Mormon Church attempt to conceal sexual misconduct by covering up evidence, quieting witnesses and reassigning high-level clergy members to other areas of the organization, we respond on behalf of our clients. We make certain that such organizations are made to answer for their misconduct and are held accountable in federal courts throughout California and the United States. Victims of abuse, sexual abuse and molestation can often suffer from painful emotional conflicts and shame. That is why we work to address and denounce this terrible behavior and the individuals involved while remaining sensitive and respectful of your child’s privacy. Our child injury lawyers do everything necessary to obtain justice in your case. We will leave no stone unturned in an effort to get your child the benefits and financial compensation they deserve so that they can begin the healing process and move on from this terrible tragedy.

California Catholic Church Abuse Attorneys Fighting Childhood Sex Abuse

As aggressive, experienced lawyers, we will work to prevent abuse and protect minors from harmful, dangerous relations within any religious order that has institutionalized sexual abuse, including:
  1. The Catholic Church
  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses
  3. The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon’s)
  4. The Presbyterian Church
  5. Synagogue’s
Abuse and religious organizations should not be associated, and if sexual abuse by clergy members occurs against a minor, that organization should take steps to remove them from their position. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When your child has been violated, take action by contacting an experienced attorney at our firm.

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