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Child molestation in youth sports is a nationwide epidemic. High-profile cases of coaches abusing children across the United States, Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico are making parents and children more aware but they are only barely scratching the surface of how common these atrocious acts are. Our nationwide team of child molestation attorneys will investigate instances of coaches abusing children, as well as the methods that organizations use to prevent such behavior. And coach is a broad term that can be applied to soccer coaches, football coaches, cheerleading coaches, lacrosse coaches, volleyball coaches, swimming coaches, baseball coaches, softball coaches, field hockey coaches, TaeKwonDo instructors, mixed martial arts (MMA) coaches, judo coaches, jujitsu coaches, karate teachers, martial arts instructors, basketball coaches, music instructors, etc. If someone you care about has been the victim of physical abuse, sexual abuse, molestation or verbal abuse within youth sports, contact our child injury lawyers. With law offices across the entire United States our child sexual abuse injury attorneys can help child sexual abuse victims build a case, take action and get the benefits, therapy and financial compensation you are entitled to. Please feel free to contact our child injury lawyers handling child sex abuse in youth sports cases. Child Molestation In Youth Sports Statistics
  • According to studies we currently have at our disposal show that between 2% and 8% of minor-age athletes are victims of sexual abuse within the context of sport.
  • An analysis of 159 cases of sexual abuse in sport reported in the print media revealed that the perpetrators of the abuse were coaches, teachers and instructors in 98% of the cases.
  • Various studies on the experiences of young athletes who have been sexually abused have shown that certain characteristics or factors consistently recur. However, it goes without saying that all young athletes are vulnerable to sexual abuse and that the presence of the characteristics or factors identified in these studies does not automatically lead to victimization.
  • More research is needed to gain a better understanding of the risk factors for sexual abuse in sport, sexual abuse of boys, and prevention.
  • Parents absolutely play a role in preventing sexual abuse in sport by finding out what preventive measures are in place in the organization their child attends and by choosing sports organizations that give priority to the well-being of young people.

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Victims, especially children who sexual abuse victims, often show signs of sexual abuse. It is important to remain alert and aware of changes in the behavior of your child and of children who are engaged in youth sports programs. Signs of sexual abuse or child molestation by a sports coach can be:
  1. Unnecessary attention given to your child as opposed to other teammates
  2. A sudden emotional disconnect between you and your child, the child’s friends, other athletes and other authority figures
  3. Gifts given only to your child and not other members of the team
  4. Secret meetings and or encounters between your child & the coach
  5. Sudden reluctance to participate in sports activities or quitting of a team
  6. An interest in sexual activity that is not appropriate for the child’s age
  7. A sudden decline in academic performance, eating habits, sleep habits or behavior such as aggression or depression
Our Pennsylvania child sexual molestation injury attorneys know that confidentiality is of utmost importance when dealing with cases of sexual abuse regarding juveniles and minors. We will aggressively represent you while remaining discreet so that your child does not suffer any more undue pressure during this difficult time.

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