Child Bike Accident AttorneysChild Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Children across the country enjoy riding their bikes as a means of exercise and having fun with their friends. All states offer beautiful scenery in the mountains, along waterfronts, college campuses and near the beaches. In addition to being a means of exercise bicycles are also very common methods of transportation for children. As many motorists do not drive with the necessary caution bicyclists are often times the victims of child bike accidents. If you have been injured in a child bike accident please understand that you do not have to face this tragedy alone and you do have rights. Our team of child bike accident attorneys are standing by ready to help your child get the benefits and conversation they need.

A child bike accident can impact many areas of your life. Injuries suffered in a child bike accident are often very serious and life threatening due to the body being vulnerable at impact as it has no metal around it to protect you as in a car accident. Call our child bike accident attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

Child Bike Accident Causes

Bicycle accidents involving children can be caused by many negligent and irresponsible driving behaviors such as:

Car Turning In Front Of A Bicyclist

Motorist Failing To Yield

Inattentive Driving

Drunk, Drugged Or Buzzed Driving

Driver Failing To Stop At Stop Sign

Who Is Liable For Your Injuries In A Bike Accident

Liability in a bike accident lawsuit usually falls on the negligent driver. Furthermore, the negligent drivers insurance carrier is responsible for any medical benefits, lost wages, pain and suffering compensation you may be entitled to. In cases involving a bicyclist being struck by a commercial vehicle of some sort there may be different multiple parties. A skilled and experienced Maryland child bike accident lawyer will work on your behalf and identify and and all liable parties and make them accountable for your injuries.

Contact Our Child Bike Accident Attorneys

If you have suffered an injury due to being hit while riding your bicycle contact our child bike injury lawyers for a free consult. With many years handling bike accident lawsuits and bicycle injury claims they have the experience to get your child the benefits and compensation they deserve.